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June 9, 2019


As you all know COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected the artists community including backstage artists and support staff. Theatres, concerts, and all such types of programs have completely stopped and people working in this industry have no other source of income.

To support them, Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA) in collaboration with Rotary Club of Pune Westend Charitable Trust (RCPW), and a panel of artists has been raising funds through project 'SAATH'. 100% of the collected funds are transferred to the FCRA approved account of RCPW. 

This project is initiated by a panel of well-known artists from India and the US. 

  • पं. रामदास पळसुले ( जेष्ठ तबला वादक )

  • पं. मिलिंद तुळाणकर (जलतरंग वादक)

  • श्री. मिलिंद कुलकर्णी (हार्मोनियम वादक)

  • श्रीमती सुजाता घाणेकर (अमेरिका बे-एरिया, सॅन होजे) (पंडिता पद्मभूषण परवीन सुलताना यांच्या जेष्ठ शिष्या)

  • श्री. विवेक दातार (अमेरिका बे-एरिया) (हार्मोनियम वादक)

  • शांभवी दांडेकर (अमेरिका बे-एरिया)( प्रसिद्ध कथ्थक नृत्यांगना)

MMBA and RCPW are collaborating with this panel of artists to identify needy individuals and disburse entire funds following a detailed and fair due diligence process. We have already disbursed the first & second round of the collected funds of $6500. 

We need your help for this noble cause in spreading the word among your members to help these musicians restore their livelihoods through SAATH!

We request you to share the initiative details along with the flyer through your website/emails/FB and support this noble cause.

We have also started Nath-Campaign to encourage members.
On behalf of the Project SAATH Team, We request you to please share the Nath-Campaign with the flyer and content to your members through email and your social media. It will be a great help to generate funds for this noble cause. Also please let us know once you send these details to your members and also if there are further questions or clarifications.

Donate to project SAATH & win a beautiful Nose-pin (Nath)!
*Beautiful Nath in 22 karat gold made exclusively by PNG Jewelers for 3 lucky winners!!*

Donate $50 or more to automatically enter a lucky draw.(Previous donors are eligible too!)

Donate & Watch this space :
***3 lucky winners will be announced on July 24th on the auspicious day of Guru Pournima!***
***Last 10 days are left !***

* Winning applicable only for donors from USA
* Convenient pick-up available at PNG Sunnyvale store (408-245-6764) for winners from Bay Area.
* Free shipping for donors from other parts of USA.
*Actual designs of Nath may vary a little. Image for representation purposes.
* Naths have easy-to-wear clip. Nose piercing not necessary.
* One entry per family
* Nath beautifully modeled by Shambhavi Dandekar
* Photo courtesy Ketaki Sathe
* Graphic design by Madhav Karhade

You can donate on FB Fundraiser:

or Visit MMBA page:

MMBA is Non Profit 501(c)3 organization and  is eligible to receive matched donations from most of the employer's. Your donations are tax-deductible.

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